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Founded in 2003 by Daniele Gastineau P.T., my unique training and experience allows the clinic to provide an innovative approach to the field of sports medicine and physical therapy. We offer progressive, one-on-one treatment, and training programs. The practice focuses on minimal use of traditional equipment and emphasizes the use of body weight in functional movements to assist patients with their rehabilitation needs. I have developed treatment methods from my graduate education in Groningen, The Netherlands, and through my own athletic experiences. In Groningen, we acquired the most advanced orthopedic manual therapy techniques including soft tissue massage, joint mobilization, and manipulative therapy. The Dutch are consistently seen as leaders of physiotherapeutic education, promoting innovative manual techniques and progressive therapeutic exercise in both academic and clinical settings worldwide. I apply my knowledge and experience to provide efficient, effective, and safe care. Physical Therapy home and exercise programs are personalized and targeted ensuring proper biomechanics while increasing strength and agility – to maximize playing time and performance and functional return to activity. Patient's exercise programs are based on functional movements personalized and targeted to their needs. Combined with our manual skills for alignment and mobility Gastineau Physical Therapy, Ltd. offers a thorough therapeutic system to the Flathead Valley.

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Daniele Gastineau PT

Physical Therapist | Owner/Operator

Daniele has been practicing since 1998. She earned her undergraduate bachelor's degree at Northern Arizona University and a graduate degree in Physical Therapy in Groningen, Netherlands. My graduate education in the Netherlands taught me the most advanced orthopedic manual therapy techniques including soft tissue massage, joint mobilization, and manipulative therapy. My continuing education has focused on furthering my manual technique effectiveness along with functional exercise training. Through the University of St. Augustine I have taken manual therapy courses in myofascial manipulation, analysis and manipulation of lumbo-pelvic-hip complex, pelvis, lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine, craniofacial, upper and lower extremities, I have certifications for Dry Needling for the cervicothoracic and upper extremity conditions. Craniosacral therapy through the Upledger Institute. Kinesiology Taping through Rock Tape. I have taken advanced training for biomechanics of gait and feet. I have spent years specializing in the shoulder complex with ongoing training in this area of expertise. My treatment approach is based on a total body functional viewpoint. I do a thorough evaluation, essentially a functional biomechanical analysis of the human kinetic chain to find the source of the dysfunction and not just treat the symptoms. When not in the clinic, I continue enjoying the outdoor recreation that Montana has to offer; including backcountry skiing, tele skiing (yes some of us still do it), cross country and skate skiing, mountain biking, a little road biking, trail running, hiking, hunting, camping and time with my two boys.

Christine Plunkett, PTA

Physical Therapist Assistant

Christine was born on a military base in Okinawa, Japan but soon moved back to be raised in her parent's homestate of Montana. She graduated with her Bachelor's in Biology from Carroll College in 2002, later specializing her field of interest and earning her Associates in Physical Therapist Assistant studies from FVCC in 2014. She has been with our team ever since. Christine is trained as a pilates instructor, allowing her to use her use her knowledge of mindful body movements to enhance the effectiveness of patient therapeutic exercise. She has completed many continuing education courses with an emphasis on orthopedic rehab of the shoulder and lower back among others. Christine enjoys spending time outdoors skiing, boating and hiking with her husband and two daughters.

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